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Saturday, March 20, 2004

" You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose. "

--Indira Gandhi... a link !

No Debi... I never did get the info about Uncle John Ray Nichols, Jr. ( My 3rd response sent by e-mail that is yet to be acknowledged to an aging e-mail sent by my sister Debi ).

Absolutely gorgeous weather again today. The 10 day forecast, however, shows a cooling trend approaching with good chance of rain next Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Still... low to upper 70° Fahrenheit through Tuesday likely. Spring here Saturday ( today ) !!!

Loaded up on generic Claritin ( 60 count ) and eye drops for allergy eyes... $25 USD. My allergies bad this past week making it extremely difficult to drop off to sleep with the apnia mask on.

BLOG, poetry, Da Boards, updated anti-virus and spyware detection programs, fed and grained horses, rub eyes, blow nose, sneeze, blow nose, sneeze, blow nose, sneeze...

Gail had a workout at her chiropractors' on Thursday and is barely hobbling along today. I tried the stair-stepping contraption she was tormented on after her workout and believe me - it's much too intense to just wham-bang start on for too great a length of time when one has not been exercising much.

Chrissy off from work today with Ashley in tow. They went to David's school to watch a Yo-Yo assembly... cool !

Dinner Friday: Chrissy and kids to pizza... Gail with her Mom and Dad to Chinese Restaurent... I cooked pork chops and rice and spinach for myself... yum !

Our washing machine took a dump ( third used one in about (3) months ) so Chrissy did the coin op washing thing with her family's cloths. Don't know what Gail and I are to do... 'prolly' wash at the in-laws until they tire of us. I've taken to hand washing my newer whites in the sink and letting them air dry.

My entries... " Poetry in Motion" daily contest:

                         Love Demeter

                   Gentle spirit

                   Her face

                   soft and furrowed

                   from laughter

                   Tender passion burning

                         ... love

                               ... desire

                   :Bobby Nichols 3-19-2004


        Multi-chroma hues

        paint the sunrise sky of home

        God's glory affirmed

        :Bobby Nichols 3-18-2004


        Autumn colors fuse

        Scarlet to yellow-green hues

        Calm reflection pools

        :Bobby Nichols 3-19-2004

" Love Demeter  "... Demeter... a link ! Pay special attention to the next-to-last paragraph for Demeter's passion. The title also my toned down homage to Led Zeppelin's " D'yer Mak'er " ( pronounced " Jermaker " ) of English ( and, of course, dubious ) origin.

" Sunrise  "... a Haiku: Fantastic photo of a sunrise in the hills for inspiration. My typo in the entry... " afirmed "... oops !

" Muse  "... a Haiku: ... to ponder or reflect. The photo of an Autumn scene reflected in a vast reflection pool... serene and lovely. Appears I'm getting hung up on color ! Looked like a great place to meditate.

Ak morolung !!!

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