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Friday, April 30, 2004

" God knows the feelings in every human heart. He can soften sorrow and lead when there seems to be no light. Prayer can give guidance and confidence. It reminds us that no one need be alone in this world. If all else fails, remember, God and one other person can be a family. "

--Elder Marvin J. Ashton... a link !

More from Elder Marvin J. Ashton: " Pleasure usually takes the form of me and now; joy is us and always. " and " You can never get enough of the things you don't need, because the things you don't need can never satisfy. " and " Being of good cheer makes it possible for us to turn all of our sunsets into sunrises. "

Bummed... hence the preponderance of blue. Elder Thompson has been re-assigned... Not enough words... not enough words. Elder Talbot ??? I will finish " The Book of Mormon " 'prolly' tonight... leaving the index to peruse at leisure. Next ?

More changing in the BLOG format done. Left justified my links finally... right justified just looked so raggedy. A few font changes and tweeks... nothing to hoot about... just tried to clean up the look a bit.

Gail passed her retest for Vocational Rehab about Property Management with an ( 87% ) !!! Gail accomplished this task all by herself ! Next hurdle, cringe !!!, accounting !

My old watch pooped out. A post that held the band on actually broke off. So... off to K-Mart where I found a watch for $ 4.95 USD ( plus tax ) that was neither too garish nor unseemly. I asked the attendant if she could put my old twisty-flex band on the new watch... and no problem ! Cool !!!

Got in my long walk ( 2+ ) miles ( approx 3.5 km ). My left arch is still giving me grief... I may look for a cushioning insert or such.

I'm zero for three ( 0/3 ) on the " Call For Help " daily quiz lately... wazzup ? They be tricksy... they be ! One question I thought I nailed with 100% certainty had to do with " what is the all-time best selling movie sound-track/album ". " Saturday Night Fever " had  been the champ ( my choice ) for years... but has since been usurped by " The Bodyguard "... go figger !!! I still like Dolly Parton's rendition of " I Will Always Love You " better/best.

I missed the deadline for Thursday's entry, so I'm not constrained by the " twenty " rule. The 'tiles' led me thus... at the risk of being presumptuous or nescient... more a primer than a poem. Dedicated to Elder E. Thompson and Elder Talbot, my mentors:


We were first with the Father, heavenly beings... untested

Our earthly existence begins veiled from before, as lives barefoot in the wilderness twilight

Our mortal test lies through agency, a gift given bound in His infinite wisdom and love

Obeisance to His word will guide the faithful, and His light will reveal to the worthy the path to immortality with the Father once more... the way laid down through Jesus Christ's atonement

As it begins, so must it end, and Jesus Christ will have the final judgment over all

:Bobby Nichols 4-29-2004

My entries... " Poetry in Motion" daily contest:

The Orange Rose

A dewed orange rose

appears sculptured... born anew

A dove bursts forth sweet

:Bobby Nichols 4-30-2004

" Primer  "... A primer... my humble understanding of past lessons... much more there is to the tale !

" The Orange Rose  "... a Haiku: The poem pretty much tells the tale.

Adieu !!!

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