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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

" Only great souls know the grandeur there is in charity. "

--Jacques BéNigne Bossuet... a link !

More from Jacques BéNigne Bossuet: " The worst derangement of the spirit is to believe things because we want them to be so, not because we have seen them for what they are. " and " The greatest weakness of all is the great fear of appearing weak. "

Warm and sunny day on Sunday... I did get a short walk in before and after church. The Wadsworth's, again, very graciously gave me a ride to church and back.

Monday had Sacramento at 98° Fahrenheit ( nearly 37° C )... if I recall correctly it's the first recorded 90°+ day for an April date for Sacramento ever. Hot here too... at least 90° Fahrenheit. Tuesday nearly as hot as Monday... more of the same Wednesday... with a cooling trend anticipated. The down side to this great weather is that fire season has a very early start this year.

Fireside meeting at the Mormon Center in Folsom/Rancho Cordova/Sacramento with a member of the (70), Elder Christenson (sp?), among the speaking. The center will be the location of the new Temple serving the greater Sacramento area... soon to break ground. The talk was geared towards those who were investigating our faith or those, like myself, who had recently joined the church. Very large gathering... very inspirational.

Gail took some pictures of my Daughter's place with my cheapy Kodak EZ200 digital camera... now that repairs and renovations and additions are near complete. I will download the digital images and do some editing ( see IrfanView note further down !!! ) so I can email some pix to family... and save for posterity. Maybe I'll put some on the BLOG later... we'll see.

Been getting many Earthquakes above 5.0 Richter... earthquake alerts... a link !!!... regarding Vanuatu... a link !!!.. in a volcanic island region formerly call The New Hebrides, that is touted for its vacation spots... another link !!!... the latest a 5.7 Richter scale event. The first link is courtesy of the CIA.GOV ( USA ) website... though updated in 2003 some of the info a bit more outdated. Other Pacific locations getting hit hard as well... California with its usual flood of small quakes.

IrfanView 3.9, its latest update, is out !!! My choice for image manipulation... and it's freeware !!! Don't forget to download the plug-ins !!!

A few additions and changes to the BLOG.

My entries... " Poetry in Motion" daily contest:


                   Delicate shining dewdrops

                   hanging gems of light

                   Myriads shower softly

                   off silky pine needles

                   A summer morning splendor

                   :Bobby Nichols 4-24-2004


        A divided sky

        Gloom of storm oppresses nigh

        Heaven's bow protects

        :Bobby Nichols 4-24-2004


        Youthful tiger stares,

        Zoo bound from a tree crook snug,

        Upon danger... we

        :Bobby Nichols 4-25-2004

                   The Bay at Dusk

        Serene bay... dusk plays

        Scarlet and mauve mood appears

        Surreal in scope

        :Bobby Nichols 4-28-2004

" Dewdrops  "... Though the 'tiles' sparse I was quite pleasantly surprised to " find " this poem within... within. The last word of the poem begs to be " delight "... instead of " splendor ", but " delight " not available 'tile' wise. The poem might be lessened with the change... if I were to decide upon editting... hmmmmmmmm.

" Rainbow  "... a Haiku: The photo for inspiration depicts a stand of trees in daylight below a sky starkly divided by a rainbow... dark and gloomy above pressing down... and a sky of blue below to the rainbow. I might hazard that the photo was re-touched... but I do not know.

" Tiger  "... a Haiku: 'Bound' by limits at the zoo or headed for the zoo, either interpretation valid... not necessarily 'bound' as in tied up nor constipated nor...

" The Bay at Dusk  "... a Haiku: The photo shows the small near section of shore black... the water nearby with wisps of 'cat's paws' of a mauve color reflected from the upper sky festooned with cirrus and a few lone cumulus clouds... the center of the photo with perhaps just a hint of the sun's last gasp turning the horizon's sky of stratus clouds and reflected water to scarlet... very beautiful.

Pob hwyl !!!

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