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Thursday, April 15, 2004

" Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. "

--William Wordsworth... a link !

Also by William Wordsworth: " The ocean is a mighty harmonist. " and " That best portion of a good man's life; His little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love. "... I think I like this guy !!!

Had a problem with BLOGGER not publishing on Saturday evening nor Sunday ... copied my posts in NoteTabLite. I was unable to post Happy Easter in a timely fashion due to this untimely glitch. Again... when I check tonight... I have only an apricot colored page... nothing else ? I was able to access on Tuesday and Wednesday... wonder what's up ?

Trying a method to hide my email address from spam bots found at very easy to set up and then cut and paste... cool !!! Seems to work in this BLOG fine.

Allergies !!! Rain possible Friday. Perhaps an answer to prayer... to knock the pollen out of the air.



                   Test the tempest...

                   best be prepared

                   Lest thy being...

                   zest be impaired

                   :Bobby Nichols 4-15-2004

My entries... " Poetry in Motion" daily contest:


                   Sight certainly

                   breeds desire...

                   hopes happen

                   touch tingling

                   nerves afire

                   curves crash

                   loving lasts

                   :Bobby Nichols 4-11-2004

                           My Vista

                    Far off Sierras

   Spied from 'neath the shady pines

                Home's panorama

        :Bobby Nichols 4-14-2004

                Desert Yearnings Redux

                 Spiked sentinel waits

        Mocking clouds hazarding rain

                   Desert entreating

        :Bobby Nichols 4-15-2004

" Envision  "... The 'tiles' unkind... my mind more so.

" Etre  "... " Etre " French for " To Be "... "est" ( test/best/lest/zest ) a derivative... which sounds like drivel... hence the poem. Almost named the poem " Est "... too vague ( ipse dixit ). I liken the imagery to being on a sailboat, alone, contemplating: whither the weather... whether or not.

" My Vista  "... a Haiku: Picture shown of a shady spot 'neath a pine tree, the ground a russet color from the high iron content, over-seeing the foothills gradually butting up to the mountains... my vista near to home.

" Desert Yearnings Redux  "... a Haiku: At least there are clouds now... the cactus a singular spire with but vestiges of buds. See ( 3-11-2004 )

Sanga'ay hanto !!!

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