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Friday, April 23, 2004

" There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self. "

--Aldous Huxley... a link !

More from Aldous Huxley: " After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. " and " Facts don't cease to exist because they are ignored. " and " Nobody can have the consolations of religion or philosophy unless he has first experienced their desolations. "

I opened my new Gmail account with Google ( beta )... will check it out soonest.

By the time I post this it will be my brother Robin's (45)th birthday...

Happy Birthday Robin !!!

I wasn't too happy with the anagrams from his name... the letters " j " and " b " are most unkind to anagram creation. Each line an anagram... and I tried to make some kind of story line with like anagrams grouped... but here we go:

In oily ranch jobs

Carbon joys nihil

Ol' canny Irish job

I clannish joy orb

O, I jib horny clans !!!

Loch's brain in joy

O, join briny clash

An holy crib joins

Binary joins Loch

Bonny jail's choir

Oh ! In lyric banjos !!!

O, richly in banjos !

Shiny coronal jib

Silicon bra Johny !!!

Jar nil... boyish con !

Joy's choral in bin

I conjoin brashly !

Holy Jinni's cobra !!!

I, Jinn, ash by color

A horsy Jinni bloc

Cloy boarish Jinn

Scholar Jinni-boy

Synch Raj loin obi

Beautiful day Thursday... upper '70's Fahrenheit ( 24° to 26° C ) at home... and possibly low '80's in Sacramento. Blue skies and light breeze... allergies not acting up much at all !!! The Sierra's shining in the distance with still quite a bit of snow.

Elders ( LDS ) dropped by for a quick lesson... a re-iteration of lessons past on the function of the church and the priesthood. I'm on 3 Nephi 16 in my reading ( TBoM ).

My entries... " Poetry in Motion" daily contest:



                   light tortured

                   Lasing hot

                   as a

                   sun born

                   :Bobby Nichols 4-23-2004


        Evil roots exposed

        Lie not in thy purse of coin

        but in thy soul bent

        :Bobby Nichols 4-21-2004

                   Immanent Domain

        T'was cold reflection

        Thoughts rack through icy veils glare

        Dreading portal lost

        :Bobby Nichols 4-22-2004


        Were I not alone

        Would my self remain... remain...


        :Bobby Nichols 4-22-2004

" Singularity  "... A bit deep into physics, or into what I think  happens when photons are plunged into the abyss of a black hole ( singularity ). Or... perhaps someone else's perception of a 'ray-gun' blast ? The 'tiles' again most unkind and but a few for selection.

" Roots  "... a Haiku: A multitude of roots of a tree exposed from an erosion of some sort the picture for inspiration.

" Immanent Domain  "... a Haiku: NOT " eminent domain ". 'Immanent' being a thought process performed entirely within the mind ( cognition as an example). 'Rack' in this instance: torment emotionally or mentally. The photo was of an ice cave with icicles near the mouth of a fog veiled entrance. My imagery ( pardon my ignorance ) that of a comatose being trying to find their way back... or as in the lyrics from Depeche Mode's " Comatose ": " Comatose, almost... You've got me dreaming... Slipping in... And Sliding out... Of conscious feeling ".

" Étude  "... a Haiku: The picture for inspiration was a black and white photo of a woman sitting on a wooded lake/river bank... the sunlight reflections broken up into a myriad of diamond-like sparkles before her. 'Infelicitous' - being unhappy or causing unhappiness. The title " Étude  " generally a musical term... a short solo composition of a musical instrument... the word just came to me ( epiphany ? ) and seemed to fit. I know very little about music... poco-poco... picopico. One of my greatest fantasies is/was to play a guitar ala Page or Clapton... unfortunately, I've never played guitar at all.

Esghaghlleqamken !!!

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