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Saturday, May 22, 2004

" Aim at Heaven, and you will get earth thrown in; aim at earth, and you will get neither. "

--C. S. Lewis... a link !!!

More from C. S. Lewis:

" All that is not eternal is eternally out of date. "
" Nothing that you have not given away will ever be really yours. "
" God whispers in our pleasures, but shouts in our pain. "
" The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts. "
C. S. Lewis has so many good quotes I feel loathe to exclude any. I listed only a short sample for space and time.

Brief electrical storm Friday... came in like a tyrannical three-year old. I had warned my grandkids to get away from the window after I came inside the house from hurriedly feeding the mares, the storm not far away. Sure enough they tarried and were treated to a lightening bolt close by the house... couldn't have even counted to one between flash and thunder. They moved quickly enough after that. Gail and I prudently disconnected modems and electrical connections from both computers when we heard the first distant rumblings. Weather in the 70°'s Fahrenheit Friday and Saturday, with a light breeze. Allergies: Three hanky days.

Mom called Saturday. Her eye surgery date for cataracts is approaching. Otherwise, she's as well as she wishes the rest of the family to believe. I once fancied myself a wino... I mean wine conno'sour', I could never really afford good wines, and the subject of what a claret was... was broached... by me... hence another link. Mom had just found a bottle of "Shiraz" from Australia that was touted as being good with this and that... and Kangaroo steak. I asked Mom ( non-LDS ) to have a glass for me ( new-LDS )... or not.

Home repairs... ludicrous as usual. Can't get a 'bloody' bathroom fitting out for love nor money... well, maybe money if I have to resort to a plumber. I've been wrestling with the 'thing' off and on for months. Since this fitting regulates the hot water flow I'm getting a double whammy on the electrical bill with water heater and well pump... ouch !!!

Chrissy & Richard and family... Chrissy's 4X4 repaired by my nephew(s)... alternator brushes fouled... or something. Saturday service's for Richard's Aunt Kathy's youngest(?) child, a toddler, who passed recently of a viral infection of the liver/heart. Balloons with letters written, attached, were sent aloft by those in attendance according to my grandson, David.

Need to wake up early on Sunday. There is an opportunity for new LDS members to meet with a high level Church Authority ( one of the Seventy ) on a more personal level... cool ! Hitching a ride with Brother Martinez.

My entries... " Poetry in Motion " daily contest:


The straight and

narrow path

forges a testimony

The very process

revealing love,


The Creator adorned

:Bobby Nichols


Yellowstone's Bane

Most evident... see ?

Mirrored lake encroaches west

Yon upheaval... east

:Bobby Nichols 5-22-2004

The Dragon

I stare frozen, awed

as dusk looms orange to scarlet

before the dragon

:Bobby Nichols 5-21-2004

" Testimony  "... again, poetic/spiritual license taken. Remember, I'm choosing from a pool of perhaps 150 plus 'tiles' from which to create a poem/prose of twenty 'tiles' or less. This entry might be a good candidate for further edit in the future.

" Yellowstone's Bane "... a Haiku: The picture showed two trees, bare of leaf, encroached upon by a lake, surrounded by, otherwise, full-leafed fall-colored forest. Brought me to mind the telly program about a possible Super Volcano under Yellowstone Nat'l Park... a Google link: "super volcano" +yellowstone, the rising magma chamber convoluting a nearby lake's topography. I may have the compass settings askew... but the effect, and affect, remain clear.

" The Dragon "... a Haiku: O.k. ... I'm dyin' if I'm lyin'... but no sooner do I show Gail the inspirational photo ( a boy at dusk below a tree looking eerily like a dragon ) and then cut and paste this poem in my BLOG template on NoteTabLite ( before posting the poem )... but "Puff the Magic Dragon" comes on DSS music channel 825, "Solid Gold Oldies" ( Gail's choice )... followed, of course, by "I Want To Be Bobby's Girl"... go figger !!! Too weird... change the station to my fave... DSS music channel 838, "Atmospheres"... only to have to change it back ( I thought Gail had gone to bed... oops ! )

Ngali añdja ngurba !!!

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