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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

" The end of learning is to know God, and out of that knowledge to love Him and imitate Him. "

--John Milton

More from John Milton: " Death is the golden key that opens the palace of eternity. "

" Tears such as angels weep. "

" The mind is its own place, and in itself can make heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. "

" Sweet bird, that shun the noise of folly, most musical, most melancholy ! "

" With thee conversing I forget all time. "

Finally made a correct answer in the " Call for Help " quiz... I had been 0/5. Todays question had to do with where the word 'icon' came from.

I mis'spoke' again... (1000) MegaBytes = (1) GigaBytes ( NOT TeraBytes )... re: Google's new gmail. I know better... just goofed.

Hot day Tuesday. Tonight half the world will be able to see a lunar eclipse, weather permitting, but not not here in North America... we have (5) months to wait for our opportunity.

My sister Debi called with more info on her daughter Mandy's wedding. I'll have a place to spend the night.

From an email my brother Robin sent: " The upper waterfall is concreted in. Next will be the front stream, then the back pond. It took 20 sacks of 60 lb concrete to do the waterfall. And it was a hot day. It was 80 deg. F. The wisteria are growing well on the shed arbor, and the jasmine are also taking off there as well. "... Phew ! Just reading what he's done to his back yard makes me exhausted. The pictures he sent show a beautiful work. Now if he could only demolish the homes that border his...

My entries... " Poetry in Motion" daily contest:


The stars are

shining bright

in the dark

so we may

touch them, again,

close at hand

:Bobby Nichols



Great bird spooked in swamp

Alert, I hunker down, quick

The brush should hide me

:Bobby Nichols


" Reminder  "... I had three poems formed from the 'tiles' and this was the best, IMHO, of the three. As once with the Father, before our mortal life, may we all become as Celestial beings and touch the stars.

The others: " Thinking of You  "... to no one in particular, to all in general... and " Wherefore I ?  "... or why me ?... as follows:

Thinking of You

Thinking of you

somewhere, out there

May love always

be with you

:Bobby Nichols


Wherefore I ?

Alone in the

middle of reality

The way closed...

the road ever

leading nowhere

in the dark

:Bobby Nichols


I hope the formatting held up above... thought I'd try something different. didn't ... try again. I think I've got it !

" Quarry "... a Haiku: I tried to put myself in the photo as one who is being hunted. The great bird perhaps a Great Blue Heron in the photo.
C'ya when the ( J-K ) flip flops !!!

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