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Sunday, May 02, 2004

" First keep peace with yourself, then you can also bring peace to others. "

--Thomas ã Kempis... German author ( 1379-1471 )

More from Thomas ã Kempis: " Intelligence must follow faith, never precede it, and never destroy it. " and
" Wherever you go, you will always bear yourself about with you, and so you will always find yourself. " and
" Be not angry that you cannot make another what you wish them to be; since you cannot make yourself what you wish to be. "
The middle quote reminds me of another contemporary quote: " Where ever you go... there you are. " that is attributed, in one case, to " A Brady Bunch Movie ". I must have heard it second hand because " A Brady Bunch Movie " isn't my cup of cocoa... nor was the TV show that spawned it ( cringe ! ).

Another warm beautiful day here in the Gold Country. About 80° Fahrenheit ( 300° K / 27° C / 21.3° Reaumer ) Roof of my mouth itching... eyes itchy... runny nose... yup, allergies back with a vengeance.

My slump continues in the " Call For Help " daily contest ( 0/5 ). I had never heard of an 'Intervalometer', a device used in time-lapse cinematography... another tough question. My Google query was thus: Intervalometer +"what is"

O.K. ... finally caught up to my gmail service... three days late... go figger.

Called my sister Debbie late ( 10:15 p.m. PDT ) Friday night to RSVP for my niece Mandy's wedding next weekend. Woke her up... oops ! Not the party animal she used to be I guess. She said she'd call back Saturday. I'm hopeful I can rent a car for the weekend from Enterprise.

Saturday: David teasing Ashley incessantly while watching cartoons ( " Dave, the Barbarian ", " Fairly Odd Parents ", " My Life as a Teenage Robot ",... ) with occasional yells by Gail from her computer for them to quiet down... yeah, that'll work ! The grandkid's father working on their nearly renovated home, Chrissy at work, me... Blogging/Googling/maintaining, Taffy-Doodles... sleeping between my keyboard and monitor.

Sunday: Gorgeous day in the manner of Saturday. Early morning walk ( see poem below on what I saw ), then church... catching a ride with the Wadsworth's. Elder Talbot IS staying on in the area, and Elder Green was introduced to all at church. Learned a new word in 'Sunday School'... " calumny "... slander or defamation. It's a shame that such words need exist.

Gail's dog " Poop " is now immune to her anti-barking collar... and guess what she does all day, every day.

Observations on my Sunday morning walk:

                                        A Sunday Spring Walk

                                               ... in Garden Valley

             Warm morning sun beams, through pine trees, bright

             Geese trumpet, discordant, a pair in low flight

             Bull and cow mulling, pastured together, peer

             Dogs barking on passing, incessantly clear

             Squashed, dessicated, lies a luckless Horned Toad

             Sadly, in repose, decorating the country road

             Bumble Bees fly about, light, and comically stumble

             On clover heads precarious, invariably tumble

                   :Bobby Nichols 5-2-2004

Bright full moon Sunday night. Seems like just last month...

My entries... " Poetry in Motion" daily contest:

Lake Sunset

Scenic lake sunset

A clouded pink pastel sky

mirrors serenely

:Bobby Nichols 5-2-2004

Hot Air Balloon !!!

Look up !!! What a sight !

Hot air balloon fancy free

passing vistas bright

:Bobby Nichols 5-2-2004

" Lake Sunset "... a Haiku: ... with a duck traversing the water.

" Hot Air Balloon !!! "... a Haiku: Yup ! I love the sight of hot air balloons. We get them occasionally in the Coloma Gold Discovery site, American River area.

Bis später !!!

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