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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

" I've been forty years discovering that the queen of all colors is black. "

--Pierre Auguste Renoir... a link !!!

More from Pierre Auguste Renoir:

" The pain passes, but the beauty remains. "
" He ( Leonardo Da Vinci ) bores me. He ought to have stuck to his flying machine. "

Amusing to me: " c'est la vie... à bête noire !!! " one of my pet French phrases translates as " c'est life... with black animal !!! " using Babelfish. My understanding was: " That's life... something that rankles (me) ", or, "... a pet peeve ( of mine ) ". Guess I need a new/better phrase resource.

The weather's been absolutely marvelous... 70° to 80° Fahrenheit with light breezes... Allergies: down to one hanky a day... rain expected for the weekend ?... that would be nice !

New Message Board on G4 for/with the TechTv "Call For Help" Community Members... sweet !!! Added to the sidebar and re-labeled "Da Boards... TechTv" as being the "Archived Boards... TechTv" when the old message boards deactivate the 28th of May. Praise be for Pete Covell's, and many others, tireless energy and effort in getting many of the kinks out during the transition.

Watched "Finding Nemo" again, and again, on DSS 'Stars' channel. "Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl" coming up soon on 'Stars' in June. I look forward to watching Johnny Depp, one of my current favorite actors. My favorite movie with Johnny Depp as lead is "The Seventh Gate", a smart light horror movie.

My entries... " Poetry in Motion " daily contest:

Don't Feed the Birds

Tempt not the fowl beast

That wing- ed adversary

Doth one's repast plagues

:Bobby Nichols


Envelop me in

your love

Spark that desire

of being


for our souls

to be as one

:Bobby Nichols

Faerie's Stage

Oyster mushroom steps

Lead to Faerie's plane... waiting

Moonlight's revival

:Bobby Nichols
The Shadows

Avoid the shadows

Fantasies, escaped, existing black

guarding their pretended faces

whispering beyond

Dying to be found

:Bobby Nichols

" Ces Noire Nuits " or These Black Nights... A close re-creation of what I had wished to enter on 5-24-2004 for consideration on 5/25/2004 ( my apologies to French speaking peoples ):

" Ces Nuits Noires "


Le noir

réduit l'espoir... alors

dernier sang aimant

semble infernally sans crainte mortelle

La couleur illusoire languit avec le splendour

:Bobby Nichols 5-24-2004

" Oneness "... a love poem.

" The Shadows "... another warm & fuzzy by Bobby Nichols.

" Don't Feed the Birds ! "... a Haiku: The picture for inspiration was that of a sparrow checking out the remnants of a sandwich on a wooden rail.

" Faerie's Stage "... a Haiku: I edit my entry sent from 'Leads' to 'Lead' to Faerie's plane ( of existence ). The photo consisting of a tree stump a few feet high festooned up and down with what appear to be oyster mushrooms about its periphery. I had thought to title "Faerie's Ring", but the ambiguity with: rings of power stories and other types of mushrooms that create what are actually called 'fairy rings' in nature... was too great.

A più tardi !!!

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