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Monday, May 31, 2004

"The True Artist has the planet for his pedestal; the adventurer, after years of strife, has nothing broader than his shoes."

--Ralph Waldo Emerson... a link !!!

More from Ralph Waldo Emerson (he has more than 500 quotes attributed to him; I'll not overly belabor you):

"All necessary truth is its own evidence."
"I didn't find my friends; the good Lord gave them to me."
"The greatest man in history was the poorest."
"Oh man! There is no planet, sun or star could hold you, if you but knew what you are."

E-mails from both sisters Thursday ???

The weather... rain Thursday night... sweet !!! I walked out into the warm "Seattle Sunshine" in the evening as one possessed (I'm really not, though) for a bit. Friday and Saturday and Sunday: back to sunny, with moderately warm temps. Allergies: single hanky days... just as well... I'm out of loratadine. I may try another med... the loratadine seems to provide little relief on bad allergy days... and especially since it's without a decongestant component.

Memorial Day... thank you to all that serve and have served.

My entries... " Poetry in Motion " daily contest:


Wending unearthly

Wood's path... aery labyrinth

Færie's deceit veiled

:Bobby Nichols

Death of the Unicorn

The unicorn trapped

tormented falls

Cries echoing against forever

Hot breath gasps

the last of this world


:Bobby Nichols

Harison's Yellow Rose

Yellow rose blossom

Thou heady fragrant bouquet

Repletes my being

:Bobby Nichols

Hummingbird's Flight

Hummingbird's wings

resonating in flight

Diving, turning...

a kaleidoscopic


earthly delight

:Bobby Nichols


Boats hung out to dry

Another day at Fundy

Tide's aberration

:Bobby Nichols

The Nature of Prayer

Ethereal light

Midst trees lofty of purpose

Come pray and be heard

:Bobby Nichols

" Death of the Unicorn "... "Cries echoing against forever..."

" Hummingbird's Flight "... Very few 'tiles' to work with. Other 'tiles' available included: waterfalls, mother, Snapshots, Jungles, dragon, chortle (always available), silky (always available), think, cannot, falcon's (I borrowed the " 's " to add to Hummingbird to create "Hummingbird's" by super-positioning), countless, delicious,and the usual single/double/triple letter 'tiles'... maybe 80 'tiles' in toto.

" HyperMaze "... a Haiku: A foggy wood pictured. A hypercube, being a four dimensional representation of a cube. A labyrinth of hypercubes, or tesseracts, used as a maze lattice, hence HyperMaze, in the guise of a wooded path, designed to deceive by otherworldly creatures... Færies in this case, ensnaring hapless three dimensional entities by providing a gateway to other dimensions or existences ( you can breathe now ). This idea of using hypercubes is used on occasion in SciFi, notoriously in "Hypercube: Cube 2". A bunch of hoo-ha for a three line poem... eh ?

" Harison's Yellow Rose "... a Haiku: Harison's Yellow Rose... photos... links ! (recht !)

" Fundy "... a Haiku: The B&W photo showed a boat high and dry next to a pier giving me pause to recall The Bay of Fundy... a link !

" The Nature of Prayer "... a Haiku: Sunday's photo was of a grove of trees... filled with light...

tOoDLes !!!

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