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Friday, May 21, 2004

" When you reread a classic, you do not see more in the book than you did before; you see more in you than there was before. "

--Cliff Fadiman... a link !!!

More from Cliff Fadiman:

"A good memory is one trained to forget the trivial."
"I think we must quote whenever we feel that the allusion is interesting or helpful or amusing."
"There are two kinds of writers; the great ones who can give you truths, and the lessor ones, who can only give you themselves."

The leading quotation is one I believe in whole heartedly. I have the enjoyable habit of rereading to excess certain books. I love to lose myself in the lands of Tolkien and L. Ron Hubbard and others. I further annoy my wife, Gail, when I watch the same movies on the telly over and over. How DOES one train one's memory to forget the trivial ?... I really wish to learn. Quote ?... mais certainment !!! I give you myself... you're welcome !!!

Weather in the upper 70°'s to low 80°'s Fahrenheit, with a light breeze... allergies: Five hanky day... only took three with me on my travels.

Gail's Arabian stud horse 'Saudi' got loose. Evidently just walked over a low part in the fence and took a stroll up the road. A distant neighbor's pony was given quite a scare... but Gail and one of our neighbors, Tamara, were able to handle the situation before anything got out of hand. This is only the first time in thirteen years that I know of that he has gone walkabout. He's now relocated in our eastern pasture which is most verdant ( in verdure ).

Library and books... I just had to ask: " Just what exactly did you remodel ? ". The changes from the renovation at the library were too subtle for me. New carpet, the top shelves' covers removed to allow more light in, some wood-graining enhancement, new counter-top at check-out, and some minor re-arranging of books.
Checked out: "The Writer's Digest Writing Clinic" edited by Kelly Nickell, and "Seven Pillars of Wisdom, a triumph" by T.E. Lawrence. Lord knows my writing needs help... and I also wish to attempt to get inside T.E. Lawrence's head, a journey I undertake with some trepidation.

LDS lesson tonite. Note to self: Do not become overwhelmed. The path, though narrow, should  be taken at one's own pace... our hearts and minds are open books to Him. Be diligent and do not falter.

E-mail from sister Peg Thursday... Cool !!! Also received two e-mails from my Mom, one with some cool animated .gifs for receiving/giving hugs... including Mickey Mouse all a'sparkle that I'll save, and another with pictures I'll have to get around to. Tried calling her the other day... perhaps too late in the day ? E-mail from sister Debi re: Mandy's post-wedding announcement from the 11th.

My entries... " Poetry in Motion " daily contest:

Spiritual Bliss

Wondrous thoughts...

feelings of love

Desire no man

can plunder

Mind and soul

blossoming... deep

:Bobby Nichols


Desert Yearnings End

Desert flowers bloom

Bursting forth after sparse rain

Clouds relent their hold

:Bobby Nichols 5-20-2004


Ephemeral clouds

Sunset's favorite canvas

Mystique... Sky's passage

:Bobby Nichols 5-21-2004

" Spiritual Bliss  "... I suppressed the urge to use the German 'ß' in favor of the English double 's' in 'bliss'. In fact, I had originally titled the poem "Bliss", which would have appeared as "Bliß"... too close to 'BliB'. I also correct a typo or " 'tile'po " : 'wondrous' instead of 'wonderous'... oops !

" Desert Yearnings End "... a Haiku: The third Haiku of my "Desert Yearnings" theme. The entry for Friday's first line was: 'Desert flower blooms', but I wish to edit for my collection as 'Desert flowers bloom'.

" Clouds "... a Haiku: mystique, ephemeral, passage. The picture showing:

Clouds Too

Trees in silhouette, the sun past the horizon

Clouds capturing the changing hues of dusk on errand

Their textures and shadows heightening the effect

:Bobby Nichols 5-21-2004

This is probably the first time I created a poem when explaining another poem... different.

G'bye !!!

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