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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

"The contemporary form of true greatness lies in a civilization founded on the spirituality of work."

--Simone Weil

More work:

"Work while you have the light. You are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you."--Henri-Frédéric Amiel
"Laziness may appear attractive but work gives satisfaction."--Anne Frank
"Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results."--James Allen
"Every man's work, whether it be literature, or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself."--Samuel Butler
"There is a kind of victory in good work, no matter how humble."--Jack Kemp

BLOGGER has changed its HTML format slightly... again, along with a few tweaks to the BLOGGER interface.  The main problem I had was the use of the "span" coding instead of "font" coding for formatting my text.  That wasn't too difficult but the new interface is throwing random garbage code in and garbling all the links that have to be debugged as well.  And woe be to the person who edits a past post, like correcting a typo... that code gets all garbled too.  I edited my template I keep on my desktop for the "span" coding... going to have to see what's up with this new coding and cross my fingers that I'm not overlooking something.  Perhaps a trend toward CSS over HTML in the posts ?

Went with Gail to her physical therapy session for her hip/leg pain on Thursday.  As she was sleeping, with the muscle stim machine pumping electrons through her muscles, the therapist explained, with the help of a partial skeletal model, where he believed the pain was originating... possibly her hip, slightly raised, and her lower vertebral column, where she has a defect.  These problems, and possibly others, cause her muscles to spasm terribly.   Luckily her injury didn't, apparently, show any harm in the way of anything broken when the x-rays were analyzed.

Friday the 16th... before dawn... "Seattle Sunshine"... a short, light sprinkle of rain that brought me off the computer and outdoors to close Gail's windows in her van.  Just enough to muddy any dusty windows.  What a pleasant surprise!!!  I neglected to go to bed Thursday evening... and Friday morning... until Friday evening at 11:00 p.m. ... my mind too active and my body too awake.

Gmail update:  "Safari browser support... Everybody's gone surfin'… now Mac OS X's Safari is surfing Gmail as well (versions 1.2.1 and newer)."... cool!  Now maybe a little Opera browser support in the future?  The beta of Gmail is being updated at a nice pace... glad I signed on.

My wife, Gail, went with her parents to Nevada, Saturday, to meet up with her sister Glenda and her husband Art.  They might have stayed in Carson City if it wasn't for the terrible fire still going on.  Reno and Tahoe, I believe to be their stops.  All by my lonesome in the house... daughter Chrissy and family with company over at their place for pool fun.  Not too noisy until they fire up David's motorcycle.  Soft tunes on TV, DSS channel 838, watering the plants... 'putin... reading... studying... poetry editing.  Gail set out a steak for me to cook for dinner.  I added some garlic bread and spinach and corn to accompany the repast.  Sunday evening dinner al fresco with the entire family.

Two e-mails from sister Debi... sick from flu, and recovering from a surgery... and then some pictures of Mandy's wedding last March.

Sunday... I have Gail's van to go to Church this day... Gail's still away.  A chance to exercise some self-reliance.  Sunday school topic:  work... and God's expectations there-in.

I'd like to get back to work... the obstacles not entirely over-encumbering, though to complicate things further, my care giver and his office have retired.  My health is to be re-evaluated soon.  Physically, being obese, I have problems breathing and tire easily.  I need an apnia mask at night to help me breathe when I sleep so I have some energy during the day... we've been getting aid in that respect for as long as I'm still on disability.  Gail's concern is the burden of me finding and keeping a job once I'm released for work... the job climate being what it is... with financial pressures already strained to the breaking point.  Transportation is ever an issue and problems with vehicles always rear their ugly head... our vehicles being at times un-reliable at best.    Psychologically, I believe I'm ready to get back into society... depression not withstanding... but that determination is not made by me.  My problems with panic attacks when I drive other than on the back roads is a concern also... my problems driving on the back roads being not as acute... unless there's a high or long bridge.  Becoming involved with the Church has helped immensely with my social anxiety.  To become productive and able to meet my financial responsibilities head-on, be what may, is most desirous... albeit daunting.

Short hard drive scan, cleaned my memory cache/cookies, and defragged the hard drive (this I let run while I was at Church) on my Win98SE 'puter.  Just needs to be done 'bout monthly for my system... done.  Updated anti-virus and anti-spyware aps.  Still having a problem with 'Spybot Search & Destroy' not able to update online... the problem seems to be at their end.  Already have updated my Microsoft Critical Updates.  Let's rock!  Oops... 'spoke' too soon.  With the new virus updates downloaded my AVG anti-virus program picked up a trojan horse (Trojan horse.Dropper.Small.5.AQ) that already has infected four files in my 'Zip Genius 5' program... or perhaps it came with the program and is only now being picked up with the update?  Dunno.  AVG (freeware anti-virus) has quarantined the offending files for me, automatically.  Just in case I ran a free online trojan scan... that is available for Windows users with Internet Explorer 5.0 and up... with no problems found... cool!  While I was at it I copied some files to my USB thumb drive as a backup... including exporting my Favorites list to the thumb drive.

Monday:  The weather is heating up.  We're in for a bout of near 100° Fahrenheit, and maybe beyond, weather for the week.  Luckily we have a slight breeze every now and then to take the edge off.  California experienced its largest demand for power, ever, this day... and it's only in the 90°'s at this point.

I started my/Dad's car to get its vital juices pumping.  Unfortunately I forgot Dad's jury-rigged electrical connection to the fan via an alligator clamp directly to the battery.  Started getting some excess heat on the engine block creating some type of burning.  Soooooo... I shut the car down and then reconnected the alligator clamp for a short time to run the fan and then let it sit.  I've killed off all the black widow spiders and wasps that had moved into and around the car in the near five year hiatus of time.

Gail's van has problems.  The fuel pump cannot handle the heat and will go into vapor lock at the most inopportune times.  This happened last year as well... but this year her "check engine" light has made an entrance into being.

Gail's sister, Glenda, and her husband, Art, have been visiting her mother, and Gail and I, and her son Paul's family here in Garden Valley.  They're soon to go up the north coast of California for some camping. 

Talked to my Mom on Monday evening... she and Bob are doing well. She's sending down a care package that includes a tie for a "just cuz" present. We updated each other on family goin's ons. No trips down here, from Alaska, in the near future for her. After the call I checked the news and found that the fire in the city of Fairbanks, north of my Mom, is still out of control with an area of 500,000 acres charred.

My entries... " Poetry in Motion " daily contest:



Warped of glimmer gone
Non-dimensional being
Intrudes upon space

:Bobby Nichols


Delightful desire
She wings softly
to the shelter
of my being

:Bobby Nichols



" Titania... "... of love and Færies.

"Spatiality " a Haiku: "... The photo was of a gnarled, element-tortured, bare tree overlooking a vista of buttes and a valley floor beyond on a cloud strewn/sunny blue sky day. My first impression was that of the intrusion of the predominating limb of the tree, twisted and warped in ruin, into the view of the vista below... intruding into the space I wished to observe. From there I took three steps back, one step up, turned, and walked through a door that hitherto didn't exist.

Dayvs ge ve; dayvs ge ni !!!

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