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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

"Success doesn't mean the absence of failures; it means the attainment of ultimate objectives. It means winning the war, not every battle."

--Edwin C. Bliss

More 'Bliss':

"Live with integrity, respect the rights of other people, and follow your own bliss."--Nathaniel Branden

"If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn't have opened for anyone else."--Joseph Campbell

"Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real."--Deepak Chopra

"That perfect bliss and sole felicity, the sweet fruition of an earthly crown."--Christopher Marlowe

"Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,
But to be young was very heaven."--William Wordsworth

Wednesday through the following Tuesday hot, 90°s to 100°s Fahrenheit,with a light hot breeze. A cooling trend is forecast.

Gail found a dead bat inside the house. Poor thing probably flew in an open window and the cats may have gotten hold of it. This opened up quite a can of worms because of rabies concerns. Chrissy dropped the bat off at the animal control office in Placerville so it could be analyzed. After Gail and I wrangled all the cats and dogs, Gail took a number of trips to the vet to update cat and dog shots... quite pricey !!! We're now praying that the bat proves rabies negative.

West Nile virus has been confirmed in Sacramento in dead birds... horses and people surely to follow. There's no way the various water sources can be made safe against breeding mosquitoes, that I see, in the foothills of home... I'd like to be proved wrong.

I made up a number of yellow-jacket wasp, or meat bee, traps. I used a similar method to that in the link. The following is the method that I learned in an newspaper article a number of years ago that I've had excellent results with in the past. I use gallon-sized plastic milk cartons and merely poked holes in them, large enough for the critters to enter. I then rigged a wire, I used coat hanger wire, through the milk carton cap to hold the bait, I used chicken and bits of 'hot dog', suspended within the carton to attract the little beasts. A bit of water with a drop or two of dish washing detergent in the bottom of the carton, about one-quarter full below the entry holes made, will do the dirty work. Made seven traps and have trapped maybe 30 of them so far.

Grandson, David, went with great-grandma and great-grandpa, my in-laws, to the north coast of California to camp out for two/three days. My sister-in-law Glenda and her husband, and Gail's nephew Paul and family also went. David, on returning Sunday, presented me with some shells and shore rocks... cool!

Saturday... received my care package from Mom. Included a nice dress shirt and beautiful tie ( Elder approved )... and a telephone??? Nice telephone... called Mom re: why a telephone??? She purchased it at a garage sale and thought of me. While Mom, non-LDS, was shopping for the tie she noticed two LDS Elders also shopping and asked them if they thought the tie would be appropriate for Church. Had a nice long chat with Mom over the phone... though I was pre-empted by "Masterpiece Theater", or such, on PBS for a while.

Watch crystal broke on my K-Mart $4.95 USD watch. Gail bought me a new watch that my grand-daughter, Ashley, picked out. It's perfect!!! Exactly what I might have chosen... I'm very fussy about the watch I wear... and under $15 USD!... cool2.

My entries... " Poetry in Motion " daily contest:

BlueBlossoms... Bayou

Bayou becalmed midst

Water hyacinth blossoms

Watercourse sore brooked

:Bobby Nichols




Subliminal ascendancy

spiraling unbenignly

deceptive finitude smiling

Behold the

nameless hedonist

apocalyptically laughing

:Bobby Nichols

"BlueBlossoms... Bayou" a Haiku: "... The photo showed a bayou setting under clouded skies with the beautiful blossoms of the water hyacinth amongst the plants in the water. Unfortunately this beautiful plant quite quickly chokes out waterways with its fast, thick, growth.

" ID... "... The 'id' of psychology, or ID as in one's identity. Lots of $10 USD words to wade through in the selection of the 'tiles'. The poem, or semblance to a poem, depicts the unguarded mind spiraling into oblivion, living for the day... the nameless hedonist ready to sow and reap, laughing all the way to the end of mortal days. Battling the id, let alone society, to overcome worldliness is daunting. The battle of the limbic or primal brain with the cerebral or cognitive brain seems to me, though no authority on the subject (IMHO), the crux of conflict... a conflict of sensuality and its control therein. I see the wisdom in setting one's self apart from the worldliness of man... and yet still maintaining a connection so as to serve as directed by Him. If one does not have the distractions of the worldly, or is conditioned not to participate in such, one would think that one would not have the temptation for untoward decision making. Exercise good agency and remember... Salvation is not about winning most of the battles in this life... but in "winning the war". Seek eternal bliss.

3' 25 1 !!!

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