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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost."

--John Quincy Adams

"A, O, way to go Ohio" !!!

--lyrics to "My City Was Gone"
by "The Pretenders".

The lyrics provide an interesting commentary on the election just over and seem to be echoed throughout the net. Though the song by "The Pretenders" was more a commentary about 'not being able to go back home again', I find it most appropriate in view of the events of 9/11, our nation can never go back to that secure feeling of home... again.

Weather: Blue sky Tuesday... temperatures perfectly cool. Wednesday rain showers.

PRESIDENTIAL RACE: VOTED !!! Gail and I , however, managed to cancel each other out in our selection for President. To each their own.

Wednesday proved to be a day of reason... and President Bush is well on the way to re-election... barring gaffs by the Electoral College.

Preceded by a 4.0 and 4.9 Richter quake: A magnitude 6.7 earthquake IN THE VANCOUVER ISLAND, CANADA REGION has occurred at:49.26N 128.87W Depth 10km Tue Nov 2 10:02:13 2004 UTC. There have been many aftershocks in the 4.0 to 5.0 Richter range. The Honshu region of Japan continues to be active.
More info on all quakes

Received two fraudulent e-mails enticing me to give them billing info purporting to be from Earthlink. Immediately reported to Earthlink's fraud unit. Them scammers be tricksee out there trying to get your ID and monies... they be.

My entries... " Poetry in Motion " daily contest:



Ether clouds aglow

Projected astral matrix

Nebular mist sowed

:Bobby Nichols



Phantoms laugh

coursing transient thoughts

pondering inhabited

unbidden covert desires

An instrument

so caught unshielded

wakes possessed

knowing darkness mires

:Bobby Nichols





Staid... the course of right

O, Ohio, beacon bright

Graced this land with sight

:Bobby Nichols


"HyperStasis " a Haiku: "... Hypostasis is defined within the link as a metaphysical "essential nature or underlying reality". Hyperstasis is not a word defined so easily... it's not in the dictionary nor encyclopedia. So where do I find these titles ? The poem always comes first. Then the agonizing of coming up with a title to fit the mood of the poetry. Sometimes I think I'm making up a word only to find it already in use, though obscurely, on the web. This title is one example. After Googling I found my preferred definition from a poem Beyond Tachyon - by Thomas (Torg) Hadley by which states: "there is no stasis but hyperstasis which is a frequency of flow so intense it is appearing to be still, a consistent inconsistency". Cool !

" Illapse "... Shown above is an edit of what I actually entered. The fourth line was entered without the word 'unbidden', the 6th line entered without the word 'unshielded', and the last line was entered simply as "knowing darkness". The poem seems better rendered this way, but not within the rules of the contest. The title "Illapse" easily understood (yeah right !!!). Finding the word for the title was, however, most serendipidous... I stumbled upon it searching antonyms & synonyms & definitions, and then diverging from there: 'phantom'...'spectre'... 'illbient'... 'illation'... Illapse !!!

"Victory " a Haiku: "... An homage and commentary to the people of Ohio who voted righteously, in my view (MY BLOG). I originally titled the poem "Vanquished... The Pretenders" then dropped "The Pretenders" leaving only "Vanquished..." but felt that both titles would be too mean spirited. I used a variation of G.W. Bush's "stay the course" theme, the word 'staid' defined here, if it's not too obvious, in the first line.

Hasty bananas... 'til sundae: with nuts and whipped cream on top of three different ice creams: pralines and cream, double dutch fudge, and strawberry; with chocolate sauce and caramel slopped in all over... and a big maraschino cherry or two on top !!!

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