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Thursday, December 09, 2004

"And verily, O my soul! Who could see thy smiling and not melt into tears? The angels themselves melt into tears through the
over-graciousness of thy smiling."

--Friedrich Nietzsche

From whence I plucked the above passage...
"Thus Spake Zarathustra: A Book For All And None"
by Friedrich Nietzsche from chapter LVIII: "The Great Longing". While I do not embrace his philosophy, I do admire his penned eloquence.

Weather: Wednesday's light rain with moderately cool temperatures allowed for sparse use of wood in the wood stove through the morning of Thursday. Thursday turned mostly sunny... in the mid-60°'s Fahrenheit... gave me a chance to cut some more manzanita limbs.

Updated Gail's and my computer anti-virus and spyware detection definitions (ad infinitum/ad nauseum).

Added from my old website a link, to my sidebar. This site has been a great resource for news and classifieds from just about any media source: newspaper, magazine, television, etc. ... in the world. I particularly like the ability to find a newspaper in the USA by state and area code... dailies and non-dailies being in separate listings. And... it's apparently now available thanks to the great folks at Tucows... whom I've trusted for quite some time. It did choke, however, when I searched for "The Ensign" magazine.

Gail's car... evidently the water pump is going out. Sooooooo, I missed the Wednesday evening class at church for newcomers. The topic was to be on 'faith', as we go through the "True to the Faith" gospel reference alphabetically. Faith is a gift from our Heavenly Father and can give us peace in this mortal existence. Centered on his son, Jesus Christ, continued faith will lead us to salvation if we strive to heed His will. I have faith that Gail's van will hold up until repairs may be made. Note: the driver-side harness belt motor problem is getting steadily worse.

My entries... " Poetry in Motion "...
& Haiku daily contests:

Of Tears and Angels

Her eyes
were like jewels
glistening from
tears wrenched
Surely a vision
stolen from
the heart

:Bobby Nichols



In Illume

Grove's visitation
Three bathed in blessed pure light
His faith rekindled

:Bobby Nichols

Time's End

Time draws wan
stretched unseen
only to end in
an endless

:Bobby Nichols


"Of Tears and Angels "... The title was inspired from Friedrich Nietzsche's work (see opening quotation).

"In Illume " a Haiku: ... The photo for inspiration was of a grove of trees... the shadows interrupted by a bright beam of light coming through to canopy's floor. Three bathed in blessed pure light... Joseph illuminated by Heavenly Father and His Son. Rekindle... "kindle anew, as of a fire"... I love the imagery!

"Time's End "... in an endless sigh.

Jakisiñkama !!!

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