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Thursday, December 02, 2004

"To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are."

--Eric Hoffer.

More quotes from Eric Hoffer.

Weather: Monday... clear & cool in Cool... here too. Record cold expected in the a.m.
Tuesday mostly overcast and cool... Wednesday clear with cool breeze. Thursday clear and crisp... actually warm in the sunshine.

Granddaughter Ashley's fourth birthday the 30th of November.

Updated my freeware browser Opera (v7.54)... 16.25 MB download if you need Java... only a 3.5 MB if you do not. My IE6 still buggy on log-on and with Google 'AdSense' ads. Firefox very good at what it does... but I still need some of IE6 capabilities... need to research the Firefox add-ons. Here are some browsers and reviews from Download.Com... where Avant Browser 10.0 build 35 seems to be the most popular by far at this time, but Mozilla's Firefox 1.0 the highest rated among users.

Missed my sister Peg calling me on Thanksgiving... poop! Missed my Mom calling Tuesday the 30th in the afternoon... poop2! I've been in the upper pasture cutting firewood, mostly manzanita, when the calls came in. Been using muscle power: hatchet, small double blade axe, and limb saw. I'm getting some good exercise, but I'm thinking very seriously about getting a small chain saw.

Heard more from the yotikiis (coyotes) the last few days. Tuesday they were westward up the ways on the ridge of our little valley yammering and my in-law's dogs, malemutes and shiba inus, began to chime in. There's nothing mute about a malemute when the howling starts.

BIG QUAKES: (From my e-mail alert notification through the bigquake mailing list.)

A magnitude 6.6 earthquake IN THE EASTER ISLAND REGION has occurred at 26.86S 113.93W Depth 10km Sun Nov 28 02:35:10 2004 UTC
Location with respect to nearby cities:

  • 445 km (280 miles) W of Hanga Roa, Easter Island

  • 4200 km (2610 miles) W of SANTIAGO, Chile

My entries... " Poetry in Motion "... & Haiku Contest daily contests:



Arms outstreatched... Glory!
My soul drenched in the sea spray
I feel so alive!

:Bobby Nichols


In agony
I realise
your tears shed
are a cry
of yearning
for what
I am not

:Bobby Nichols




Shadows in the midst
Cold limestone walls primed to limn
But lack of canvas

:Bobby Nichols

"Breaker " a Haiku: ... Wonderful photo for inspiration of a female standing legs apart, arms raised wide, engulfed in a blast of spray from an ocean breaker one might get near the edge of a tidal pool when the waves are crashing nigh.

"PathY "... Why ('Y') this path taken? A crossroads, the letter 'y' signifying a fork in the path (road). The poem is evocative on a level I don't wish to tread.

"Tagger " a Haiku: ... A photo of what appeared to be a low ceiling dwelling in a limestone cave. I'm sure I've seen the word 'limn'... somewhere, but why would it pop into my mind? Subliminally... or keyed from the limestone appearance? And then summon up the act of "tagging" which I've never done nor condoned is beyond me. Perhaps I channelled a troglodyte from whence... dunno.

'Iorana !!!

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