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Friday, May 13, 2005

"Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives."

--William James

Weather... Gorgeous Spring days Wednesday and Thursday and Friday... rain next Monday-Wednesday???

Gail had the horse shoer, or farrier, up this way to trim Eeyore's (our donkey) hooves. They seem to grow much faster than Gail's two Arabian horse's hooves. Saudi, the stallion, will 'prolly' get his hooves trimmed next month. The fencing 'round here needs a serious look-see.

Called Mom on Mother's Day. Alaska is in its looong day cycle. It stays light until 10 p.m., ADT (Alaskan Daylight Time), if I remember correctly. Mom's feeling "under the weather" as well (as bad?). All in all we had a nice short chat while we condoled each other over our illnesses.

Oops! A Mozilla Firefox/Suite bug in need of fixing. Patch to follow shortly I'm sure...

And here it is... Firefox 1.0.4 (that was fast!!!) a 4.6 MB download. Ya know Firefox has hit the big time when a lot of time and energy is being used by the media, and in the white hat/black hat sector.

Tuesday afternoon the 10th: After feeding the horses, with the help of my grand-daughter Ashley, I felt a tickle in my throat... I've Gail's sore throat manifesting, or festing, upon me. Gargling with salt water, gargling with Listerine. Hope I don't get the small bout of laryngitis she had. I teased her a few times about her loss of voice and she warned me she might do the same if I became sick. Time to hit the store shelves in search of those raspberry cough drops I used last year. I had battled a small sinus affliction the previous Friday through Sunday. The sinus cavity below the right eye felt like an ice-pick was being inserted into it. Aspirin and Sudafed and a home-made hot water bag (from three leaky sandwich bags... one inside the other, etc., heated by a microwave oven I'd been given) on Sunday evening seemed to clear that out. Gail and I are still ill Friday the 13th.


My entries... " Poetry in Motion "...
& Haiku daily contests:


Light sustained life

The fruits of love
His creation
everywhere found

To the end endure

:Bobby Nichols



Hazarding torrents

Jaunting to cataract's edge

Awe in foment boils

:Bobby Nichols

" Life "... An awkward piece... an edit surely to follow.

" Niagara " a Haiku: ... A view of Niagara Falls, with two distant excursion boats excursioning, from the aspect of two trees framing the vista, appeared to be the photo for inspiration. The link I created utilizes Google's "Images" search. Note:
6000 hits on a misspelling
I, and others, managed.

Onen !!!

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