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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

"Posterity weaves no garlands for imitators."

--Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

"Men often applaud an imitation and hiss the real thing."


"To refrain from imitation is the best revenge."

--Marcus Aurelius

"Imitation lacks but "L" from Limitation."

--Bobby Nichols(me)

Weather: Thursday the 5th... it's raining and the grandkids are going bonkers... On and off rain through Monday the 9th. We were treated to a couple of hail storms and thunder showers on Monday the 9th due to an unseasonable cold mass of air from the north... tornado watches were in effect down Sacramento way most of the day... snow in the Sierras. Forecast of near 80°'s Fahrenheit for next week???

Query... Were the fig trees so slow in developing their leaves from their buds last year? They've barely changed since January. Dunno.

Gail's van... It lives!... needs tires.


  • The Kings (Sacramento's NBA team) have been eliminated from continued post-season play... long live the Kings!
  • Giacomo, a 50:1 shot wins the Kentucky derby.
  • Quantity and quality is lacking in Mumbai cricket.
  • The N.Y. Yankees are languishing near the bottom of their
    division in professional baseball.
  • The North American Tiddlywinks Association... a handy link for those who wink ;)


BIG EARTHQUAKES... from the bigquake mailing list I subscribe to:

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake south of Panama has occurred at: 5.62N 82.49W Depth 10km Thu May 5 19:12:18 2005 UTC

Location with respect to nearby cities:

  • 310 km (195 miles) S of David, Panama

  • 325 km (200 miles) SSW of Santiago, Panama

  • 340 km (215 miles) SSE of Golfito, Costa Rica

  • 495 km (305 miles) SW of PANAMA CITY, Panama

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake southwest of Sumatra, Indonesia
has occurred at: 6.20S 103.13E Depth 30km Tue May 10 01:09:07 2005 UTC

Location with respect to nearby cities:

  • 250 km (155 miles) WSW of T.-Telukbetung, Sumatra, Indonesia

  • 285 km (175 miles) SSE of Bengkulu, Sumatra, Indonesia

  • 400 km (250 miles) W of JAKARTA, Java, Indonesia

  • 415 km (260 miles) W of Sukabumi, Java, Indonesia


My entries... "
Poetry in Motion
"... & Haiku daily contests:


Dark-enigmatic space

contemplates a

scintillating Sun

... Its light

crowning beings with

garlands of love

:Bobby Nichols


the whims
fallowed desire

Yearning bound
doth dire

:Bobby Nichols



Night blooms, moth alights
Flower's nectar'd sweetness sought
Nocturnal delight

:Bobby Nichols

Spring Enchantment

Færies glide headlong
Down the frozen vernal flow
Mirthful in their play

:Bobby Nichols

Singularity Redux

Heavy unsteady

in the fabric

of space

A nubbly trace

... Singularity

:Bobby Nichols

" Glory "... a modest edit of my entry in the contest.

" Repressor "... A bit of poetic license... I turned an adjective 'dire' into a verb (or is it an adverb?). Anywho... 'dire' sort'a kind'a rhymes with 'desire', lacking but one syllabibble, and kind'a connotes love's demise while denoting the fear or dread of love. The poem made more sense to me when I coined it.

" Singularity Redux "... I already had a poem titled "Singularity" hence 'redux'.

" Moth " a Haiku: ... A photo of a moth spotlighted on a clutch of flowers used for inspiration.

" Spring Enchantment " a Haiku: ... What I saw in the photo of a frozen falls with snow clumped in heaps about, through bough of tree and landing of rock, were færies cavorting down a frozen Spring falls headfirst... The 'vernal', or spring, aspect due to the inclement weather about our area this 9th/early 10th of May as if by enchantment.

Salamaik tingga !!!

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